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A good way to treat yourself to some cute stickers and other special goodies!  A lot of people have been asking me for care packages and these are all packages with love with different package size depending on your commitment!

Can be old, new and unreleased designs!


  • Stickers are chosen at random and may include a variety of things such as slaps, peekers, decals, card stickers or sticker sheets! Finish can be from holo to glitter and more! Keychains can vary between jet tag, short or long lanyards.
  • Comes in different package size: baby, classic, meromero and poyo love
  • BABY PACKAGE (value $35): 2 stickers, 1 keychain, 1 air freshener 
  • CLASSIC PACKAGE (value $50): 3 stickers, 1 keychain, 2 air fresheners 
  • MEROMERO PACKAGE (value $85): 5 stickers, 2 keychains, 3 air fresheners
  • POYO LOVE PACKAGE (value $97): 2 keychains, 3 air fresheners, 1 poster, 1 double layer mask
  • THANK YOU PACKAGE (value $109): 1 t-shirt, 2 air fresheners, 3 stickers, 2 enamel pins, 1 keychain
  • stickers are very durable and weatherproof
  • Make sure to apply on a clean solid surface
  • Group with other stickers to save on shipping
  • ATTENTION: Please leave a note specifying clothing size if ever you choose the THANK YOU PACKAGE option
  • PLEASE SPECIFY THE SIZE OF YOUR CHIP (big or small) for your cards!

Vinyl for indoor & outdoor use. 

Please make sure you have carefully reviewed your order and address prior to finalizing your purchase.