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デザート sticker set [ SPARKLE ]

デザート sticker set [ SPARKLE ]

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When you can’t make your mind what dessert you want, you can get a set of everything! 

  • 花見団子 Hanami Dango is typically made during cherry blossom viewing and comes in pink, white and green!
  • いちご飴 Ichigo Ame is literally “strawberry candy”~~
  • みたらし団子 Mitarashi Dango is rice dumplings with a sweet soy glaze.

here’s a sparkly set of hanami dango, ichigo ame and mitarashi dango~~ 

  • Each sticker is 3 inch tall
  • set of 3 stickers
  • reflective sparkly laminate
  • Make sure to apply on a clean solid surface
  • group with other stickers to save on shipping

 Vinyl for indoor & outdoor use.

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