meromero trainer club メロメロポケモントレーナー slap [SPECIAL HOLO]

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Gotta catch them all! 

Here are some Pokemon trainer special slaps! Meet the meromero Pokemon trainersメロメロポケモントレーナー~

here’s a sparkly sparkly slap you can use to brighten up anything you own! You can put it on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, stationary and your car!


  • Each sticker is 8.25 x 2.75 inch tall
  • very durable and weatherproof
  • one order is 1 sticker (unless you select the bundle)
  • Make sure to apply on a clean solid surface
  • Group with other stickers to save on shipping



  1. Nana and Chansey ( spot holo oil slick with sakura laminate)
  2. Yukina and Articuno (spot holo oil slick with glitter laminate)
  3. Mizuki and Pikachu (spot holo oil slick  with star laminate )
  4. Xtine and Mew (spot holo oil slick with heart laminate)
  5. all 4 designs

Vinyl for indoor & outdoor use. 

Please make sure you have carefully reviewed your order and address prior to finalizing your purchase